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Thank you so much to everyone who attended and contributed to our 12th Annual Trash Makeover Challenge. Your participation made our first back-in-person event so much fun, and your support helped us raise over $90,000! We are so grateful for your generosity, which allows us to continue working toward a cleaner, healthier future in Texas.

It was a fantastic evening–attendees enjoyed seeing exotic wildlife while arriving at the TDS pavilion, delicious food and drinks, an incredible performance by SaulPaul, activist highlights, our Kick-Ass award ceremony, and of course the unforgettable show of dazzling garments. The 20 talented designers used various materials from soda can tabs to medical supplies. Our judges selected designer Melissa Prentice as the grand prize winner, and attendees voted for the “people’s choice” winner Greg Lara, whose design included gift-wrapping tissue, trash bags, and shower curtains!

We deeply appreciate your support and hope to see you at Trash Makeover Challenge 2023!







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