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Fashion, friends & pollution-free fun!


We empower Texans to fight pollution through sustained grassroots organizing campaigns that shift corporate and governmental environmental policy.


We envision a Texas free from pollution.


Trash Makeover Challenge a unique competition for innovators in the fashion industry to highlight creative reuse by showcasing outfits made from recycled materials and reconstructed textiles.  


The Trash Makeover Challenge started in 2011, when TCE decided to celebrate its 20th anniversary with a fun event that would showcase a passion for recycling. Virginia Fleck, a renowned Austin artist who uses plastic bags to raise awareness on waste and recycling issues, volunteered to help and suggested doing a fashion show and contest.


She recruited Tina Sparkles, a prominent figure in the Austin fashion circles, who had been canvassed by TCE about recycling electronic waste and was inspired to make a party dress out of computer wires.  The collaboration between the fashion community and eco-conscious locals set a strong foundation for an annual celebration showcasing a fun, fashion competition that proved recycling is always in style.


Although the theme has changed every year, recycling has remained the heart of the Trash Makeover Challenge and is deeply rooted throughout the competition. Garments submitted must be made from 90 percent recycled materials or reconstructed textiles.


What is Trash Makeover Challenge? A night of repurposed fashion and pollution-free fun with an over-the-top dance party with friends at TCE.

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